Hi! I'm Dr Ali Arjomand.

I'm here to help IBD patients like you succeed with proven dietary and lifestyle interventions so you can move past your IBD, and once again, enjoy all that life has to offer!

You’ve come to the right place if...

You’re looking for a comprehensive approach to reverse your IBD

You’re motivated to make progress to minimize or avoid meds

Success means health transformation, not just short-term results

You’ve dabbled with diet modification with limited success

You’re looking to implement changes that have generated real-world success

You’re nutritionally deficient and struggling with basic requirements

You’re new to IBD, or have lived with it for many years

You’re an adult IBD patient, or the parent of one

Confusion & conflicting info is holding you back from making changes

You want a fresh perspective and understanding on what is IBD

You just don’t know where to start or how to make steady progress

The 5 Part Plan


Start with


Define your goals. Prioritize what matters. Build your roadmap. Understand why you do it. Then do it with purpose.


Then modify


Food is the foundation of all wellness, especially in IBD. It’s also the most modifiable part of your day.




Supply your body with the building blocks of health. Heal from the inside. Flourish from the outside.


Layer in


All the important factors that can accelerate your progress – sleep, stress, exercise, social gatherings, joy.


Connect with


You don’t have to do this all by yourself. Join my community for events and continuous support.

Choose From 3 Pathways



Access my library of downloadable or online protocols. Each protocol tackles a different problem. Combine protocols in any combination to meet your particular needs. Protocols are self-guided and self-implemented. They include step-by-step instructions and tools to support your success.



Programs are where you will find me online, in my virtual community, sharing my support, answering questions, and connecting with other IBD patients as they journey on to better health. Jump this private community to get support for any Protocol you are implementing, or simply network, socialize, and learn from other patients.


Private Sessions

Schedule one-one-time sessions with me, Dr Ali, to review your status, develop a long-term plan, explore your challenges, mark your progress, or address immediate issues or problems. Start with an New Patient Package, or sign up for 4 and 8 session packages.

About Me

Dr Ali Arjomand

PhD Nutrition Scientist, Clinical Researcher, and Crohn’s disease patient

Creator of IBD Navigator, My SCD® Protocol and the Inner Circle Community

Founder of Modulla Health IBD Nutrition Clinic

Welcome to IBD Navigator. I’m glad you are here. If you don’t know me, I am a PhD Nutrition Scientist and Crohn’s disease patient.

I am also living proof that IBD can be reversed. I did it with dietary changes, even after all my medications and two surgeries failed to control my disease.

I’ve been living a healthy and full life, without medications, for the past 5 years. I’ve learned a lot during this period including the underlying science, the nutrition, and the personal commitment and support needed to be successful. I have experienced first-hand what it’s like to be a patient while implementing these changes. What are the challenges. And what are effective solutions.

Like you, I had no access to helpful resources, tools, or support systems to implement these changes. I didn’t even know what options were available.

Like you, I was blindsided to what was possible and how to get there. My only option was to figure it out myself. A trial-and-error approach coupled with lots of research, reading, experimenting, and note taking.

What I learned was amazing. I compiled everything I learned into binders of documents and a hard drive full of material. I asked myself why wasn’t this information available to all IBD patients?

So I did something about it. I founded an IBD nutrition clinic in 2017 to help other IBD patients access the kind of impactful care that was missing in their disease management toolbox.

IBD Navigator is where all that accumulated knowledge, clinical experience, personal journey, and science all converge. Explore the solutions, packages and protocols and then start your journey from the comfort of your own home.

Does this resonate with you? Are you ready to explore the full range of options available to you? Or maybe you just don’t know where to start? Or who to trust?

You can feel good. You can feel strong. You can alleviate symptoms. You can get to remission. And you can prove it. We show objective measures of success with fecal calprotectin tests. Then let your GI doctor show you what they see with endoscopy or imaging. There’s no denying the impact of these interventions.
How far you can go, and how fast you get there, is driven by your level of commitment. How committed are you to these interventions?  How well do you adhere to your personalized protocols? We’ll help you understand why you do what you do. You can then implement everything with intention and purpose.
I created this site for you, the IBD patient who is ready to move past their IBD and get back to enjoying life again. Just like I did. I’ve been through each of these steps myself. And I came out the other side, transformed.
See my full credentials & qualifications here

I have one mission at IBD Navigator. To help create the healthiest group of IBD patients on the planet!

What is IBD Navigator?

IBD Navigator is a central place where IBD patients gather, explore, and successfully implement changes that transform their course of IBD.

One of those patients was me. You see, I am a Crohn’s disease patient. Diet and lifestyle changes transformed my health and propelled me to move past my IBD. I have been in remission, symptom free, healthier than ever, and without any medications, for the past five years.

Manage IBD with meds?
Or move past it with comprehensive care?

I’ve seen hundreds of other IBD patients struggle with their IBD care, jumping from one procedure to another, one medication to another, hoping for some relief. They cycle in and out of remission. They deal with symptoms that appear randomly. They deal with uncertainty, unable to confidently make plans. Their uncontrolled disease interferes with their daily life or routine pleasures.

I’m guessing you already know that true relief and lasting health comes after making smart changes to your personal routine. Diet is a big one. So is lifestyle.

What you can expect here.

I combined all the lessons I learned from my personal journey with Crohn’s disease, with my expertise in nutritional science, plus 20 years of clinical research, to develop or fine-tune a spectrum of impactful interventions. These range from simple recommendations you can implement today to potent modifications that require planning and commitment.

I’ve assembled all these inside a virtual IBD toolbox. I want you to benefit from these tools. Just like I did. As have hundreds of other IBD patients like you.

Some of the recommendations you will find here are small and incremental, yet produce noticeable improvements to your quality of life.

Some of the changes are significant and transformative. 

I will help you select the changes that are right for your body and right where you find yourself today. I will then help you successfully implement and expand them over time until you reach your personal health goals. Big or small.

Are you ready to stop guessing your next move?

Is it time to start introducing changes that truly matter?

Safely. And with my guidance and support.

Get relief from your GI symptoms

Optimize digestion. Practice good eating habits. Introduce foods that are well-tolerated in IBD. Eliminate the ones that cause problems. We have the list. And all the ways to introduce them. Even small changes have big impact.

Expand the range and variety of your foods

Expand the range and variety of your foods. You have likely limited your food choices to manage symptoms. But that's not a long-term solution. We'll help you build on your well-tolerated foods by methodically introducing nourishing foods that you tolerate, enjoy, and can make part of your daily routine. We have a proven method for doing this and the stepwise roadmap to make it easy for you.

Address nutritional deficiencies and meet your daily  nutrient requirements

We've seen them all. Anemia, protein malnourishment, micronutrient deficiencies, low fiber intake, supplements (good and bad), missing nutrient-rich foods. We'll cover all the essentials.

Improve the ecology and diversity of your gut microbiota

Get under the hood and work on the underlying breakdowns in IBD. That will put you on the path to real success. Perhaps even reverse your IBD. This takes time. Note - we don't perform stool microbiome testing at IBD Navigator. That's not valid science. We stick with the science. It's fiber. The right kind, at the right time.  It's fermented foods, rich in probiotics. Start the process right and don't look back.

Achieve remission

Achieve Remission. These actions, coupled with other steps you are already taking, help to suppress the immune system’s ability to activate and sustain an inflammatory response in the gut. That's how you can reach sustained, long-term, remission.

Taper or stop medications

Not everyone can demonstrate long-lasting, deep remission. But if you commit to your IBD interventions, you truly earn the option of tapering down your medications - or even stopping them altogether. Afterall, once disease is undetectable, what is the point of exposure to medications. This is no easy matter and requires tight coordination with your medical team. Others have done it. Perhaps you can too!