designed and built for
patients living with



Reduce or eliminate your GI symptoms

Reduce intestinal inflammation

Achieve mucosal healing

Obtain essential nutrients

Enjoy foods again

Reduce medications

Reach your personal goals

Then this protocol is for you!


I packed all the SCD® content, methods and assessment tools I use with my patients into a
you can implement on your own.


All the tools you need to build your own protocol
✔ Educational Videos
✔ Staged Ingredients
✔ Staged SCD Recipes
✔ Clinical Trackers
✔ Assessments & Worksheets


Microbiome Science | Modern Foods | Latest Clinical Findings

✔ More effective
✔ Fits today's lifestyles
✔ Constantly updated


Follow the same protocol I use in my 1-on-1 consulting sessions

✔ On your own time
✔ At your own pace
✔ In your home


there is no single protocol for starting and progressing through scd.

You are different than everyone else. your SCD path WILL BE different too.

that's why you need a protocol that can be customized to meet your particular needs.

My SCD Protocol does that.

My SCD Protocol is how you start and customize SCD so it works for you and your unique body.


My mission is to help create the healthiest cohort of IBD patients on the planet.

Dr Ali Arjomand
PhD Nutritionist


I used the Specific Carbohydrate Diet® (SCD) to successfully reach sustained remission from my long-lasting Crohn’s disease.

As a PhD nutritionist, I help other IBD patients identify and implement the best diet routine that meets their individual health and lifestyle goals.

Some IBD patients want to know exactly what I did to achieve success. They're keen to repeat my exact steps. I tell them what worked for me may not work for them.

That’s why we hold a series of 1-on-1 private sessions to explore and develop a customized routine that works for them.

But that holds me back from working with more patients. Many patients don’t have the time or resources to work with me in private sessions.

So I transferred everything I have learned over the years into this on-demand, self-guided, SCD Protocol. One that you can customize and implement on your own.

Dr Ali Arjomand
PhD Nutritionist

Founder, Modulla Heath
IBD Nutrition Clinic


$325 Lifetime Package

Launch Offer $198

* expires October 31, 2021

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My SCD Protocol is designed to help you succeed with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet® (SCD), the most widely studied whole food intervention for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. What you get:

My SCD Protocol can be bundled with the Target 50™ Program 


All your content, tools and resources are available online and at your fingertips.

Your protocol comes with private access to a member-only website. This is where you can access material such as SCD ingredients, recipe packs, meal prep tips, stories and community resources.

Your member website also hosts content for Inner Circle members, an optional add-on to your current program. This add-on membership helps you connect with Dr Ali Arjomand during regularly scheduled group events, live Q&A sessions, and special topic presentations. All sessions are recorded and archived for access by members.

Use your free accompanying app to log your progress, track your symptoms and complete your self-assessment forms in a HIPAA compliant secure environment.

Your protocol comes with a comprehensive set of educational materials and video series that establish a solid foundation and positions you for success! Topics covered include: What is dietary therapy? How does it work with IBD? Protocol Guiding Principles. What to expect? What’s ahead? SCD History. Implementation Roadmap. Expected Challenges. SCD Ingredient Tables, SCD Stages, and more.

Access your learning material using an easy-to-follow, self-paced online program. Download and use helpful worksheets. Track and complete your tasks as you prepare for you SCD start date! Come back to each of the sections any time you need a refresher.

Your protocol includes helpful and instructive videos developed specifically for the My SCD Protocol. Watch Dr Ali Arjomand walk you through protocol materials and explain why, what, how, and when to take steps in your SCD journey. These invaluable videos raise awareness, build knowledge, create a sense of empowerment, put you in control, and help you move forward with purpose and confidence.



Your program is an online digital resource. It is refreshed and updated with the latest scientific on a continuing basis. Count on it for up-to-date science, new product recommendations and practical tips that make SCD easier and more effective.

A key feature of the My SCD Protocol is the ability to customize your protocol in a way that works for you and your body. There are many ways to implement and progress through SCD (for example, which ingredients work for you, which ones you should hold off for later). To customize your protocol in a methodical manner, your protocol comes with a set of worksheets (digital forms you fill out using your HIPAA-compliant app), self-assessment tools, nutrient trackers, and symptom loggers. Here are some examples:

The free companion app included in your protocol helps you easily log your reactions, symptoms and response to your SCD intervention. These entries will help you monitor your progress and customize your journey to fit your unique needs. It also simplifies record-keeping  for future use. For example, you can look back in six months to see how far you have come and how much improvement you have generated in your overall health!

Self-assessment digital forms for reliable tracking of your reaction to each of the major SCD ingredient categories. Instructions are included describing how to monitor your response and, more importantly, how to make sense of them so you can confidently progress to a broader range of SCD ingredients. Your free companion app has an easy-to-use journaling feature that allows you to log your food intake, water consumption, and meal pattern (time of consumption). The app automatically calculates totals for key nutrient components you enter in your food journal, including calories, protein, fiber, and calcium. Your nutrient dashboard compares and displays your intake over a 3-day span to your nutrient intake targets. Easily see which nutrients are lacking or need additional focus. Download, print and share these reports with your GI doctor to ensure they are comfortable and fully on-board with your dietary routine.  

Succeeding with SCD requires more than simply knowing the ‘Legal’ and ‘Illegal’ ingredients. That’s a good start, but what do you introduce first, second, and so on. My SCD Protocol is broken down into 4 distinct Stages. Each Stage serves a unique purpose, introducing defined sets of ingredients, methods of preparation, and recipe sets that match each Stage. Progress only when you are ready. Hold when you need to. Your self-assessment forms and monitoring tools help you decide how fast, or how slow, you can progress. It’s all laid out for you in clear terms.Stage-specific SCD ingredient tables; starter sets, expansion sequence; green light/red light progression.


This protocol bundles SCD ingredients into defined stages, each with its own specific purpose. Stages come with a preset number of SCD ingredients and recipes that match those ingredients. Learn why this makes sense, what happens at each stage and how to modify the progression to match your specific needs.

My SCD Protocol is packed with over 200 recipes covering every stage of the protocol. Everything is included to help start the day with a tasty and nourishing breakfast, along with snacks, lunch, dinner, deserts, drinks, you name it. Each recipe includes nutrient content, SCD Recipe ID (to help with your journaling) and ways to modify it to suite your needs and preferences. Download, print and keep the recipe sets forever.

Sample recipe sets for every stage of the SCD. Bookmark them in your member-only website, download and print your favorite ones, or flip through your 3D flip book within a web browser.

Sample Meal Plans are included in the early stages to help you get off to a good start and ensure you are receiving sufficient nutrients and fluids.

A searchable and curated database of helpful tips, answers and troubleshooting resources to help you navigate through your SCD journey. The database grows as Inner Circle participants submit more questions or queries.

What people are saying


  • Recently diagnosed, want to try diet before meds

  • Implement diet as part of overall therapy

  • Considering SCD for the first time

  • Did SCD but couldn't keep it up

  • Just started SCD (first few weeks/months)

  • Doing SCD but expecting better results

  • Succeeding on SCD but feeling a bit stuck

If you’ve ever said…

Then this protocol is for you!


The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) is the most widely studied whole food intervention in Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, two common forms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

SCD was initially created in 1924 to treat celiac disease. It was later used for the treatment of IBD.

SCD eliminates all grains, most starches, sugar (except honey), dairy products (except butter, 24-hour fermented yogurt and hard cheeses which are essentially lactose free), and most store-bought, processed or prepackaged foods.

So what’s left? Really?

Well, a whole lot of healthy, delicious breakfast items, snacks, baked goods, soups, salads, and a wide variety of lunches and dinners.
You will be surprised at what you’ve been missing.

Colors. Taste. Aroma.
Joy comes back. Food becomes a friend and a healer.

The real reward. Relief. Remission. Possibly reversal. A quality life.

Preliminary studies of SCD intervention in pediatric and adult IBD patients have demonstrated promising results, including achieving clinical and mucosal remission and normalization of blood and stool laboratory markers.*


My SCD Protocol is designed to help you succeed on SCD.

You don’t have to do this on your own. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel all over again. You don’t have to make mistakes others have already learned from.

You can get expert support. You can put your fears to rest knowing you are focusing on the right things. You can track your progress. You can be held accountable.

You can be successful. Faster. More reliably. More confidently. So you can back to enjoying life again.


$325 Lifetime Package

Launch Offer $198

* expires October 31, 2021

Not quite ready?

Let’s stay in touch…

The SCD® and Specific Carbohydrate Diet® Trademarks are owned by Kirkton Press Limited and used under license.

*Published SCD studies

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